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Market Advertising Program

The Goal is to attract Proud Sponsors like yourself that will help us develop the many phases, tools, and functions this 100% Free Website needs in order to bring awareness among the Minor Hockey Communities. Finally, HockeyNeeds will be creating a unique advertising tool for the Business Community to promote their hockey-related products & services to our members by generating interest in our HockeyNeeds Network, which we hope you would like to be part of.

The Plan is for HockeyNeeds to be “The Premier Website” and “One Stop Shop” for all your HockeyNeeds!

Banner Exposure

One of the ways to promote your business on HockeyNeeds Post. We use proven banner positioning that will capture the attention of our users to provide excellent exposure on all digital devices to drive new leads to your business.

Our expert in-house design team will create your banner ads to be seen on every type of device. Each ad is responsive and will change shape and size based on the device used by the customer.

Featured Ad

Another great option to promote your business is by creating a Post Ad and then select the Featured Ad tool. Your ad will be seen in the Premium Advertisement section thought out the site and view by many users.

It is easy to use:

  1. Select your category
  2. Select your location
  3. Select Featured Ad

HockeyNeeds Sponsorship Rewards Program

HockeyNeeds also offer additional online advertising option with our Sponsorship Packages that help targets your business with our HockeyNeeds Community market. For more information, please click this link.


  • Targeted Market - Your ad is seen by the right people
  • Full digital exposure across multiple devices - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Get inside the User's buying journey
  • Driving real leads and visitors to your business
  • Consistent brand exposure
  • Free creative service - We'll make your ad to fit our theme


A Few More Tips

Learn how to Best Ways To Advertise Your Ad

View Our Pricing Plan

Remember, we are here to specialize in your HockeyNeeds Success and options for you to sell. So… Get Started Today and Post It!